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Emergency Response

Some events are truly unexpected. If your infrastructure experienced a catastrophic failure or your team registered a critical issue that doesn’t seem to have a straightforward solution - give me a call. I have solved numerous issues over the past 20 years and believe I can really help with both understanding and resolving any complex IT problem.

Incident response

Your team probably has procedures and clearly defined steps for responding to a major incident, but it almost always helps to have an independent professional to take stock and to glance over chain of events and response steps. I'll sign an NDA and go over information you have to improve overall understanding of the impact and to agree steps towards timely recovery.

Security Review

Let's check the logs and establish where security may be compromised. You can never be 100% secure with online infrastructure, but there are always ways to reinforce existing setup or even reduce surfaces of potential attacks. I'll work with your security engineers to check existing setup and suggest the next few improvements to your infrastructure.

Technical Consultancy

It's very likely that your processes and procedures will need an uplift to ensure continuous improvement across areas of performance, availability and security. I'll intereview your engineers and work with your architects to suggest what should be improved next (and explain why).