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My Services

My primary service offerings are reviews of AWS/IT Architecture and emeregency response. I also assist with complex data recovery in Linux environments - software and hardware RAID troubleshooting, filesystem repair, recovery of accidentally deleted files.

I can jump on a Zoom call to understand what's going on and provide remote assistance in recognising and addressing most pressing issues and risks within your environment. In certain cases I'll need my remote access setup so I can provide remote assistance.

I specialise in providing fast and straightforward advice with simple scenarios that are easily covered by email and text chat. This said, I always focus on long-term solutions to prevent the same issue from happening.

I do not provide remote systems administration, technical or on-call support. Occasional out of ours project, emergency response or deployment support should be discussed and arranged on a per-project basis.

AWS and IT Architecture

I'll review your current setup and provide guidance on improving performance or availability as per your current vision. I will also help with setting up reproducible processes like automated deployments or continuous integration.

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Data Recovery

Not all is lost when your desktop or server stops booting - it may still be possible to recover critical data. I also assist with complex data recovery in Linux environments - software and hardware RAID troubleshooting, filesystem repair, sometimes even recovery of accidentally deleted files

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Emergency Response

Some events are truly unexpected. If your infrastructure experienced a catastrophic failure or your team registered a critical issue that doesn’t seem to have a straightforward solution - give me a call. With 20+ years of experience, I can really help with both understanding and resolving any complex IT problem.

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Systems Administration Advice

My specialties are emergency response and advanced troubleshooting, but I can also become one of your key technical consultants to assist with projects delivery, Linux/cloud environments support and security reviews of your infrastructure.

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Virtual Staff Member

I will provide an email to be added to your existing IT and/or management team, providing technical advice, architecture guidance and even service ownership as needed. I'll even do emergency response when you need it the most.

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I will be thrilled to learn more about your current systems administration and software development practices with a view to get you started on the DevOps path.

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Give your infrastructure a massive uplift by automating repetitive tasks and organising your setup into a scalable cloud-first code with Red Hat Ansible.

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Your devs are probably using Docker already. I'll review your setup and will help you progress to a more robust, secure and performant Docker infrastructure.

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Smart Home

I love to automate things and so smart home design and ongoing improvements are more than a hobby at this stage.

Give me a call if you're struggling with solving a particular automation or just need a guidance on getting started with Home-Assistant based smart home setup.

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