We will be thrilled to learn more about your current systems administration and software development practices with a view to get you started on the DevOps path.

Version Control System

No modern development team can survive without a robust source control approach. Whether you're a Subversion (SVN) shop or a team of GIT fans, our expects will help you to review existing practices and to improve your source control setup using industry best practices. Not using GitHub or BitBucket yet? We'll be glad to set up your very first private repository and provide your developers with all the relevant access.

Monitoring and Alerting

If you don’t monitor your infrastructure in-house, we’ll implement basic external monitoring in a matter of hours. Should you wish to get a deeper insight, we'll configure state-of-the-art monitoring and graphing solution based on Prometheus and Grafana. Alerting can also be configured to notify your team members by email or SMS. Already have a preference for SysDig or DataDog? We can help with them and many other tools as well.

Configuration management

Deploying code and updating software manually is just not cool anymore. Let us help you get started on the pay of configuration management by writing simple Ansible playbooks or deploying a complete Puppet infrastructure to automate as much as possible.

Infrastructure As A Service

If you're already comfortable with basic configuration management, next level is to treat all of your infrastructure setup as a service - no manual configuration files, no manual service restarts, automated backups/restores and scalable change propagation.