Solutions stack architecture

We can assist your team with designing a complete solutions stack. And if you’re only interested in a particular solution, there’s an extensive range of open-source options we can offer.


Containers or virtual machines, self-hosted or cloud-based - we can help you optimise hardware use by using the right kind of virtualization that suits your situation most. We specialise in P2V conversions on x86 platform (Linux/Solaris) and enjoy helping with converting traditional applications and stacks into Docker environments.

Infrastructure Migration

Thinking of moving from one Linux distro to another? Trying to move your infrastructure into Amazon AWS or Joyent cloud? Getting ready to containerise your server farm? We will assess your requirements, carry out POC and help you with every step of your migration project

Virtual Staff Member

Sometimes your team just doesn't have a senior enough member to assist with release deployments or planning next scalability steps. Let our experts become the gatekeepers for all major changes in your environment - we will help with research and assist with ensuring there's a rollback or DR in case of a deployment gone wrong.